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From controversial filmmaker Lars Von Trier (Breaking The Waves, Melancholia) comes one of the most anticipated film events of the year, the acclaimed erotic epic NYMPHOMANIAC VOLUME 1 & VOLUME 2.

Charlotte Gainsbourg stars as Joe, a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac. Found battered and bruised in a dark laneway by the restrained Seligman (Stellan Skarsgård), Joe is taken back to his humble apartment where she recounts a lifetime of erotic experiences over the course of an evening. Featuring an all-star cast including Jamie Bell, Shia LeBeouf, Uma Thurman, Christian Slater and Willem Dafoe, NYMPHOMANIAC is a shocking, graphic, humorous and altogether unexpected film from the maverick filmmaker.

Screening as a four hour limited-season event. All sessions include a 10 minute intermission.


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Release Date: Mar 27, 2014
Director: Lars Von Trier
Running time: 4hrs 10 mins
Rating: R18+

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