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Utopia is a vast region of northern Australia that is home to the oldest human presence on earth; it is also the poorest region in Australia. Famed Emmy and BAFTA winning journalist and filmmaker John Pilger (The War You Don’t See) returns to a topic he has tackled repeatedly during his career: the oppression of indigenous Australians. The message is that living conditions for Aboriginal people have hardly changed since his 1985 film A Secret Country; indigenous people in remote areas, he argues, are suffering the “equivalent of apartheid”. Pilger takes audiences on a journey from his hometown of Sydney, to the affluent suburb of Barton in the nation’s capital of Canberra and on to Utopia, shedding a light on the hidden truths of Australia’s history and the years of injustice, inequity and poverty in Australia’s indigenous communities.


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Release Date: Jan 30, 2014
Director: John Pilger
Running time: 110 mins
Rating: M

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