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Wolf Children - Meet The Director!

Filmmaker and Event Screenings

Director Mamoru Hosada will visit Australia for the first time and will appear at Cinema Nova in-person to discuss his Japan Academy Prize winning animated film and Reel Anime 2012 hit WOLF CHILDREN on Wednesday April 17 at 6.45pm.

The Q&A follows a screening of Wolf Children.

When Hana falls in love, it feels like a fairy tale. She starts a family and produces two beautiful children – Yuki (Snow), a girl, and Ame (Rain), a boy. But the family harbours a secret – their father is a 'Wolf-Man', half human and half wolf, and has passed his affliction on to his children. The family try to reside discreetly in a quiet corner of the city, but their joyful life is shattered when their father passes away. To live peacefully, Hana must make the difficult decision to move Yuki and Ame to a small town and surround them with nature.

Wolf Children - Meet The Director!

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Release Date: Apr 17, 2013
Director: Mamoru Hosoda
Running time: 117 mins
Rating: PG

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