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Monster Fest

Join us for the launch of Monster Fest with the Melbourne premiere of Charlie's Farm, followed by a Q&A with director Chris Sun and actors Bill Mosely and Nathan Jones. ... more

Includes Q&A with director Addison Heath, cast and crew Addison Heath, the writer of last year’s Monster Fest smash hit CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY VANILLA, is back - but this time... more

$35 ticket includes entry to the opening night party at Yah Yah's Bar. THE EDITOR is a loving absurdist horror comedic riff on one of the most lurid eras in cinema history - and once again... more

In 2013, a story went viral on the web that told of a couple of students who were selling an apparent “possessed” mirror on eBay. The owners of the mirror complained that their lives... more

Includes Q&A with director Jon Hewitt and key cast. In this update on the 1983 Brian Trenchard-Smith multiple head-exploder, director Jon Hewitt drops the campy tone of the original and... more

If you thought you knew Rose Leslie (Ygritte from GAME OF THRONES), then think again! Here she is in one of the most original and brilliant new horror films of the year, Leigh Janiak’s... more

Includes Q&A with director Ursula Dabrowski. In 2009, Ursula Dabrowski launched onto the local horror landscape with her brilliant debut feature, FAMILY DEMONS. Five years later she... more

One of Norway’s great contributions to global culture in recent years has been 2009’s DEAD SNOW – how it took so many years for Nazis, zombies and snow to be combined on screen... more

The rape revenge sub-genre gets a paranormal reboot in Michael S Ojeda’s brilliant SAVAGED. A deaf girl is brutally attacked by a gang of repulsive thugs and left for dead. What they... more

Includes Q&A with directors/writers Kevin and Mike McCarthy Haven’t heard of the McCarthy Brothers? Monster Fest will change that forever. Here’s a rare gem that spews out... more

If you woke tomorrow in a bizarro world where Woody Allen directed horror comedies, it’s quite likely that the first film you’d come across would be SUMMER OF BLOOD.  Erik is a... more

At the Cannes film market earlier this year, there was one film that had the genre tongues flapping - the brilliantly titled, WOLFCOP. At Monster Fest, we love a film whose title is also its... more

Includes Q&A with director Matthew A. Brown and star Ashley C. Williams Ashley C. Williams is no stranger to big screen challenges. In 2009 she starred in what has subsequently became one... more

Includes introduction from director Lloyd Kaufman. In 1984,Troma Films gifted the world THE TOXIC AVENGER, one of the most beautifully puerile exercises in trash cinema ever committed to... more

Includes Skype Q&A with director Michael Hayter David Hayter has made a name for himself in recent years as the screenwriter of such hits as X-MEN, X-MEN 2 and WATCHMEN – WOLVES is... more

Monster Shorts Director Catherine Seccombe has spent the last few months searching through hundreds of submissions. Each film is unique and brilliant in its own way - feast on the depravity!... more

Eli Roth has made a name for himself over the last decade or so as a master of the extreme. No surprises then, given he is such a massive fan of Ruggero Deodato’s CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, that he... more

The Monster Fest / Cultastrophe marathon is back, and this time, we’re heading to Camp Cyrstal Lake to celebrate the incredible Friday 13th franchise. We’re talking all eight films,... more

Uwe Boll is no stranger to blood and gristle, and in RAMPAGE 2, the sequel to his 2009 revenge flick, RAMPAGE, that’s exactly what you get - maximum blood, uber gristle! It’s been... more

Includes Q&A with director Jessica Cameron LA based Canadian director Jessica Cameron has burst on to the international genre scene in recent times with her gut wrenching directorial... more

STARRY EYES premiered at SXSW earlier this year to a rapturous response. It’s one of a new breed of impossible-to-categorise elevated horror films that are creating waves at the moment. You... more

Includes Q&A with director James Cullen Bresack James Cullen Bressack is one of the bold new voices of American horror. At the tender age of twenty-two he’s already clocked up... more

Actress Pollyanna McIntosh is fast becoming a horror heavyweight, and in LET US PREY she shows again why her star is rising so fast - and so high. Here we find her as Rachel, a cop on the first... more

Includes Q&A with director Travis Bain and key cast The Aussie horror revival continues full throttle with this addition to the local canon: Travis Bain’s THROWBACK. Leap into the... more

Includes Q&A with directors Nick Kozakis & Kosta Ouzas The local horror keeps on rolling in, and here’s a brilliant, intelligent reworking of a classic horror trope from our own... more

Includes Q&A with Jen and Sylvia Soska After smashing it at the Monster Fest in 2012 with AMERICAN MARY, the Soska sisters are back with SEE NO EVIL 2. WWE superstar Kane returns in the... more

$30 ticket includes entry to the closing night party at Yah Yah's Bar. Such was the phenomenal success of 2012 THE ABCS OF DEATH that the concept returns again with 26 all new... more