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All the Way Through Evening - Exclusive

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A moving documentary of friends and music and the all-too-soon passing of good things from life. It chronicles the era when the HIV/AIDS pandemic swept through a downtown arts community in New York. In response to the loss of many of her friends, Mimi Stern-Wolfe founded the Benson AIDS Series, an annual concert of works by composers lost to HIV/AIDS, performed each year on World AIDS Day. Spong's film paints a close portrait of Mimi in her apartment cluttered with years of music scores, tape recordings of the concerts and memories of her lost friends. Interspersed throughout these hazy scenes of times past are footage of some of the performances, interviews with family members of the deceased and new studio recordings of some of the works, performed by artists such as internationally acclaimed heldentenor, Gilles Denizot.


All the Way Through Evening - Exclusive

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Release Date: Nov 29, 2012
Director: Rohan Spong
Running time: 70 mins
Rating: M

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