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Transitions Film Festival

The Transitions Film Festival is a visionary festival dedicated to showcasing inspirational documentaries about the social and technological innovations, revolutionary ideas and trail-blazing changemakers that are leading the way to a better world.

Tff: Age Of Consequences, The

An investigation on the impacts of climate change through the lens of national security and global stability. From the directors of Requiem for the American Dream, The Age of Consequences looks beyond the headlines of the conflict in Syria, the social unres... more

Tff: Bentley Effect, The

A powerful story about the courage and heroism of a community defending their land. When the Northern Rivers community found their home being threatened by gasfield industrialisation, a critical mass of citizens from all walks of life responded to the call.... more

Tff: Freightened

An audacious and fascinating investigation into the mechanics and perils of freight shipping and the phenomenal impact global trade has on our climate and our oceans. The newest film from veteran director Denis Delestrac, reveals an audacious and gripping i... more

Tff: New Economy, A

Can cooperation save the world? A documentary about people building a new way of making a living. Following the journeys of a Brewing Co-op, a Romanian laser physicist, and a social enterprise street farm, among others, the film shows how by rewarding huma... more

Tff: Plastic Ocean, A

A stunningly shot, deeply moving, story about the ubiquity of plastic in our oceans and the havoc it is wreaking on our ecosystems, wildlife and food-chains. By highlighting the severity of the issue and presenting solutions, A Plastic Ocean shows us the le... more

Tff: Power To Change: The Energy Rebellion

A cinematic snapshot of what an energy revolution can look like from one of the world's most inspiring countries. Germany is often celebrated as the 'poster child' for the energy revolution. Power to Change showcases the daily struggles of activists, entrep... more

Tff: University, The

A university with a mission: nurture students to create companies that will impact the lives of over a billion people. Featuring Stephen Hawking, Peter Diamandis, Buzz Aldrin, Shimon Peres, Ashton Kutcher, Will.i.Am, Michio Kaku and more, The University tel... more