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Transitions Film Festival

The Transitions Film Festival is a visionary festival dedicated to showcasing inspirational documentaries about the social and technological innovations, revolutionary ideas and trail-blazing changemakers that are leading the way to a better world.

Tff: Age Of Consequences, The

An investigation on the impacts of climate change through the lens of national security and global stability. From the directors of Requiem for the American Dream, The Age of Consequences looks beyond the headlines of the conflict in Syria, the social unres... more

Tff: Bentley Effect, The

A powerful story about the courage and heroism of a community defending their land. When the Northern Rivers community found their home being threatened by gasfield industrialisation, a critical mass of citizens from all walks of life responded to the call.... more

Tff: C Word, The

From Executive Producer Morgan Freeman, The C Word follows the powerful stories of celebrated French neuroscientist and cancer revolutionary Dr. David Servan-Schreiber and the film's director Meghan O'Hara (Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine and Sicko) ... more

Tff: Chocolate Case, The

This film follows the incredible journey of three intrepid Dutch journalists, who after uncovering child slavery in the cocoa production chain, try to persuade large corporations to end the use of child labour. Rebuffed by the industry, and after several fa... more

Tff: Esteem

Esteem is an intimate and profound documentary exploring the fundamental reason behind the environmental crisis; that our wounding of the earth is a mirror of humanity's psychological and emotional wounds and how we can heal this with vulnerability, compass... more

Tff: Freightened

An audacious and fascinating investigation into the mechanics and perils of freight shipping and the phenomenal impact global trade has on our climate and our oceans. The newest film from veteran director Denis Delestrac, reveals an audacious and gripping i... more

Tff: Future Of Work And Death, The

World experts in Futurology, Anthropology, Neuroscience, and Philosophy consider the impact of technological advances on the two certainties of human life; work and death. With commentary from author Will Self, futurist Techno-Philosopher Gray Scott, and bi... more

Tff: H.o.p.e What You Eat Matters

A startling and moving documentary uncovering the effects of our typical Western diet, high in animal-based foods. It contrasts the limited interests of the pharmaceutical and agricultural industry with the interests of living beings on this planet. Featuri... more

Tff: How To Let Go Of The World And Love All Thing

In How to Let Go of the World and Love All The Things Climate Can't Change, Oscar nominated director Josh Fox (GASLAND) continues in his deeply personal style, investigating climate change – the greatest threat our world has ever known. Travelling to 12... more

Tff: In Pursuit Of Silence

A meditative exploration of our relationship with silence, sound and the impact of noise on our lives. Beginning with an ode to John Cage’s ground-breaking composition 4’33”, In Pursuit of Silence takes us on an immersive cinematic journey around the ... more

Tff: New Economy, A

Can cooperation save the world? A documentary about people building a new way of making a living. Following the journeys of a Brewing Co-op, a Romanian laser physicist, and a social enterprise street farm, among others, the film shows how by rewarding huma... more

Tff: Our Power

Our Power is a Melbourne-made documentary about the Latrobe Valley community as they bear the brunt of the privatisation of Victoria's electricity in the 1990s and deal with the devastating Hazelwood mine fire of 2014. It is an emotional and intense roller-... more

Tff: Planting Seeds Of Mindfulness

PLANTING SEEDS OF MINDFULNESS is a beautifully animated narrative feature based on the book by world-renowned meditation practitioner Thich Nhat Hanh, entitled “Planting Seeds Practicing Mindfulness With Children” and featuring riveting music by Tina Tu... more

Tff: Plastic Ocean, A

A stunningly shot, deeply moving, story about the ubiquity of plastic in our oceans and the havoc it is wreaking on our ecosystems, wildlife and food-chains. By highlighting the severity of the issue and presenting solutions, A Plastic Ocean shows us the le... more

Tff: Power To Change: The Energy Rebellion

A cinematic snapshot of what an energy revolution can look like from one of the world's most inspiring countries. Germany is often celebrated as the 'poster child' for the energy revolution. Power to Change showcases the daily struggles of activists, entrep... more

Tff: Raw

Cancer survivor Janette and her partner Alan are an incredible demonstration of what is possible with the human body. This story follows the two raw food champions, in their 60's, on an adventure around Australia, as they break and set world records by runn... more

Tff: Reuse! Because You Can't Recycle The Planet

REUSE! Because You Can't Recycle The Planet follows 'Reuse Pro' Alex Eaves cross-country adventure to the 48 contiguous U.S. states. On his journey, he finds endless reuse solutions for our waste problem that are not only sustainable, but many of which are ... more

Tff: Riverblue

Narrated by Jason Priestley, RiverBlue follows internationally celebrated river conservationist Mark Angelo on a round the world journey that uncovers the dark side of the fashion industry. This ground-breaking documentary examines the destruction of our r... more

Tff: Signs Of Humanity + Shorts Program

Artist and professor Willie Baronet has purchased more than 1,000 homeless signs over the past 22 years, and he uses this collection to create installations to raise awareness about homelessness and build empathy and compassion for the homeless. In 2014, Wi... more

Tff: There Will Be Water

There Will Be Water is one man's visionary quest to 'Green the Desert' using cutting-edge technology. British Engineer and Zoologist Bill Watts has a big idea: turn salt water into an energy source and use large desert areas to produce energy, food and clea... more

Tff: University, The

A university with a mission: nurture students to create companies that will impact the lives of over a billion people. Featuring Stephen Hawking, Peter Diamandis, Buzz Aldrin, Shimon Peres, Ashton Kutcher, Will.i.Am, Michio Kaku and more, The University tel... more

Tff: Wastecooking - Make Food, Not Waste

David Groß, a fun-loving and gregarious food activist and cook, travels through five European countries in a van that runs on vegetable oil, creating beautiful dishes out of food that would otherwise go to waste. A delicious way to fix a broken food system... more

Tff: What It Takes To Be Extraordinary + Generatio

WHAT IT TAKES TO BE EXTRAORDINARY shares the story of one inspirational man - Nepal Orphans Home founder Michael Hess - who sel?essly dedicates his life to educating, empowering and caring for impoverished children throughout Nepal. 2016 | 52 min | CANADA... more

Tff: What Lies Below

Lawrence Gunther, a blind graduate from York University's master’s program in environmental studies and a highly regarded speaker, writer and radio host on the subject of fishing and Canada's aquatic ecosystems, travels across Canada to explore what local... more

Tff: White Waves

Surfers on a mission to fight pollution and save our oceans. Featuring Surfers Against Sewage and The Surfrider Foundation, White Waves follows the personal stories of positive action, solutions and hope from surfers fighting to keep waves clean and beaches... more