NOVA EXCLUSIVE! Citizenfour director Laura Poitras, Academy Award winner for Best Feature Documentary in 2014, returns with a gripping, up-to-the-minute expose on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

Charting six years of WikiLeaks rebellions, RISK follows Assange’s journey from his roomy Norfolk residence during Cablegate in 2010 to his present day sunless existence in the Ecuadorian embassy, helping whistleblower Edward Snowden evade US extradition. The film is further punctuated with footage following other WikiLeaks staff, particularly Assange’s deputy Sarah Harrison as she works closely with him, and Jacob Applebaum and his crusade against draconian web surveillance; both state and corporate.

RISK provides the viewer with exceptional access to Assange and the workings of Wikileaks, and presents its founder as a perplexing enigma who, while a champion of freedom of information, may also be his own worst enemy.

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