Wonder Wheel

Wednesday December 6th – 6.30pm
Includes piccolo. Tickets on sale below.

Enjoy a piccolo of sparkling, a 1950s vintage hair and beauty demonstration in cinema from Thread Den, and be the first to see the new film from Woody Allen! Dress up in your favourite 50s gear – prizes for best dressed.

From Woody Allen, director of Blue Jasmine and Midnight in Paris, WONDER WHEEL tells the story of four characters whose lives intertwine amid the hustle and bustle of the Coney Island amusement park in the 1950s.

Ginny (Kate Winslet) is an emotionally volatile former actress now working as a waitress in a clam house and living with her husband Humpty (Jim Belushi), a rough-hewn carousel operator. When Carolina (Juno Temple), Humpty’s long- estranged daughter, reappears wanting to hide out from gangsters at her father’s apartment, Ginny finds her simple life start to crumble, not more so when she meets Mickey (Justin Timberlake), a handsome young lifeguard who dreams of becoming a playwright.

Poetically photographed by Vittorio Storaro, WONDER WHEEL is a powerful dramatic tale of passion, violence, and betrayal that plays out against the picturesque tableau of Coney Island.

Wednesday, 6th December

Legend Deluxe: In-Cinema dining session.
Event: Special event screening, complimentary & discount tickets do not apply
CC & AD: Closed captions or audio description available for individual use for this session, captions DO NOT appear on-screen.

Session times for the new cinema week, commencing each Thursday, will be released the Tuesday afternoon prior

Commences Thursday, 7 Dec 2017
Rating PG
Genre Drama
Running Time 101