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From multi-award-winning director Denis Villeneuve (Sicario, Incendies, Prisoners) comes a grippingly intelligent science fiction drama based on a short story by Ted Chiang.

Insular linguistics professor Dr Louise Banks (Amy Adams) watches with the world as twelve enormous objects, seemingly from outer space, appear at different points across the globe. As society struggles to come to grips with the event, Banks is visited by Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker) with an offer to join his taskforce in their attempts to reveal the origin of the objects and what, or whom, they may contain. Aided by Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) and watched-over by intelligence agent Helpern (Michael Stuhlbarg), Banks embarks on a race against eleven of Earth’s nations to discover the strategic benefits of what lies within.

Release Date: November 10, 2016
Running time: 1hr 56mins
Rating: M

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