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Nocturnal Animals

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For those who have been eagerly awaiting director and fashion designer Tom Ford’s follow-up to the acclaimed A Single Man, succour is here in NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, an artful, slow-boiling drama of what happens when the past wields a poisoned pen.

Susan Morrow (Amy Adams) is an art gallery owner who seems content in her quiet life with her husband Hutton (Armie Hammer). But her past suddenly comes rudely to the surface when she is sent the manuscript for a book written by her ex-husband Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal), whom she hasn’t seen for years. Delving into the unexpected delivery, Susan is shocked to discover that the story within mimics the life she and Tony had together, and the further she reads the more she becomes convinced that the manuscript is both a symbolic revenge tale and a veiled threat.

With a superlative supporting cast including Isla Fisher, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Michael Shannon, Ford’s sophomore feature is a beautiful feast for the eyes and a simmering, disturbing account of a relationship snuffed out but never forgotten.

Golden Globe winner: Best Supporting Actor - Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Release Date: November 10, 2016
Running time: 1hr 56mins
Rating: MA15+

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