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Ted2017: The Future You $1million Prize Event

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You’ve seen TED Talks, the global phenomenon propelled by ideas that are transforming the world. Now in 2017 you’ll have the opportunity to join the worldwide TED conversation when TED Cinema Experience brings TED’s flagship event, TED2017: The Future You, to Cinema Nova. TED2017 will explore the deepest scientific and psychological insights, the latest medical advances, and thrilling new inventions (all mixed with a dose of ancient wisdom), and will ask questions about our present and future selves. The program will feature a succession of extraordinary speakers - risk-takers, visionaries, celebrities, and an emerging generation of idea creators - who will deliver the “talk of their lives” in TED’s world-famous TED Talk format.

TED2017 TED Prize Event

Cinema-goers will watch with their communities as the TED Prize winner receives a $1 million award towards a creative, bold wish to spark global change. By investing in a powerful idea every year, the TED Prize accelerates progress toward solving some of the world's most pressing problems. The session will also feature an exclusive update from a former TED Prize winner, as well as talks from exceptional TED speakers.

SPEAKERS: Serena Williams - Athlete, Atul Gawande - Surgeon and journalist, Anna Rosling Rönnlund - Co-founder of Gapminder, Jon Boogz + Lil Buck - Movement artists, Raj Panjabi - Physician.

Release Date: May 7, 2017
Running time: 2hrs 15mins
Rating: CTC

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