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Frequently Asked Questions

Patrons with Disabilities

What access do you have for patrons with disabilities?

Cinema Nova is located in Lygon Court, on 2 separate levels. The Box Office and cinemas 4 & 5 are on the ground floor. The remainder of the cinemas (1-3, 6-15) and the candy bar are upstairs on Level 1, which can be accessed via either one of two lifts (details below). Please follow the signs and a Nova attendant will assist where required. All cinemas have wheelchair access.

Lygon Court offers 2 elevators: the Safeway lift provides access from the Safeway entrance/car park level to the 1st floor, the Drummond St lift, located at the rear of the court (in the food court), offers access from the lower car park to the ground floor (Drummond St) and the 1st floor, where disabled access is available.

Assistive Listening: All cinemas are fitted with the loop receiver device, which is suitable for people with hearing aids (with a T switch).

All items available from the Nova Bar & Kitchen can be purchased from the Candy Bar and enjoyed in the general foyer area. All cinemas are licensed but hot food may not be taken into auditoriums.

* Cinema 3 requires the use of a motorized chair lift for access, rated to carry 220kg (combined weight). Should you wish to query which sessions are in cinema 3, please contact us on 9347 5331 ext 3. Alternately, click on the session of your choice on a film's information page and proceed to the online booking screen. The cinema number for the session can be seen on the left side of the screen under the film's title and session time & date.


Do you have Cry Baby sessions?

We do not have cry baby sessions as such, however you are more than welcome to bring your child to any of our sessions (aside from R18+ films). We recommend morning sessions on weekdays or weekends (aside from our Discount Day - Monday - due to anticipated crowds).  Please note, prams and strollers are not permitted in cinemas as aisles must remain clear in the event of an emergency.  We ask that you leave your pram or stroller in the foyer during this time. 

How long do film seasons last?

Most feature films that screen at Cinema Nova do not have set season length. Films generally have a season lasting one to two months, but we've been known to screen more popular films for up to four months. 

Alternate content events such as the New York Metropolitan Opera, National Theatre and similar "screened live performances" usually have a limited season that cannot be extended for contractual reasons set by the event's rights holder. On most occasions all sessions of alternate content events will be on sale, with no chance for extension. It is the best advice of Cinema Nova to book tickets for advertised sessions to avoid disappointment. Where demand requires, Cinema Nova will consult with a distributor to seek an extension and add sessions where permitted. 

Why are film sessions only listed until Wednesday?

Cinema Nova's schedule is updated weekly and runs from Thursday to Wednesday, aka the "cinema week".  The new cinema week's schedule is published on the afternoon of the prior Tuesday and sessions will appear on the Cinema Nova website in Now Showing and Coming Soon, under a film's title.

A view of a full cinema week's list of sessions can be found HERE (updated each Tuesday afternoon). The full cinema week's sessions will appear in The Age newspaper on Thursday while remaining sessions for the cinema week will appear in The Age newspaper from Friday to Wednesday. A printed copy of the cinema week's sessions can also be found at the box office and candy bar.

Tickets can now be purchased online through the Cinema Nova website 7 days a week. Discount Monday online sales become available on the Saturday afternoon prior and not before. This allows Cinema Nova to make adjustments to best anticipate demand. The rest of the week's sessions are available to purchase online from the Wednesday prior to the commencement of the new cinema week (always a Thursday).

Online and mobile tickets

Can I refund my ticket?

Movie tickets purchased via this Website are non-refundable and are not available for exchange, unless required by law.

How do I present tickets on my smart phone?

Your ticket can be scanned direct from your mobile screen at the cinema gate (upstairs, near the Candy Bar).  Tickets booked online will have been sent to your chosen email address. Please present the email received with the attached barcode showing to the attendent. Your ticket is now ready for scanning. 

How do I purchase tickets online?

Simply click (or tap) on the film session of your choice to purchase tickets.  All sessions are listed on each film's individual page. You will be taken to the booking screen where you can select the number of tickets required as well as your seating preference (where applicable). After entering a valid email address where you want your tickets sent you can choose to pay by PayPal or Credit Card. Following the payment process you will return to the booking screen where you will see your booking details. Your tickets will arrive via email at the address entered at the start of the process. It is this ticket that you will need to show at the cinema entrance to gain admission.

I didn't print out my online tickets. How can I retrieve them?

During the booking process you will have entered an email address to have the tickets sent to. Have the email you received at the conclusion of the booking process available on the screen of your smartphone at the cinema entrance so staff can scan the smartphone screen. They will direct you to the appropriate cinema from there.

If you do not have access to the email containing your tickets please proceed to the box office to allow a staffmember to retrieve them from our system for you.

Something has gone wrong online, I have not received my ticket or gift voucher

Sometimes tickets or gift vouchers purchased online are not received due to incorrect information being entered during the purchasing process, notably caused by a wrong email address being entered by a customer.

To have the ticket or voucher sent to the correct address please email admin@cinemanova.com.au with details of the purchase and we will seek to have the ticket or voucher sent to the correct address. Please note this email address is only manned during office hours (Mon-Fri, 9.30am-5.30pm).

When can I book tickets online?

Tickets can now be purchased online through the Cinema Nova website 7 days a week. Discount Monday online sales become available on the Saturday afternoon prior and not before. This allows Cinema Nova to make adjustments to best anticipate demand. The rest of the week's sessions are available to purchase online from the Wednesday prior to the commencement of the new cinema week (always a Thursday).

Bookings for Special Events including Q&A screenings, Premieres, the New York Met Opera etc are all added to the website once sessions are confirmed by the film's distributor. To ensure you are alerted of newly-added events we suggest joining our weekly eNews mailing listLike us on FaceBook or Follow us on Twitter


I love film and want to work at Nova. How do I do it?

If you love film, have a good work ethic and excellent customer relations skills, feel free to email your CV including references to david@cinemanova.com.au

Gift Vouchers

How do I book online using my gift voucher?

To use your gift voucher when booking online, click on your desired session.  You will then be taken to the online booking page.  On the left side of the page you will see the word VOUCHER. Click to redeem and follow the directions from there. You will need the unique Ticket Voucher Code to redeem the voucher.

Please note, standard gift vouchers are unable to be redeemed for Nova Deluxe sessions and vice versa.  Nova Deluxe vouchers are available and can be redeemed for Deluxe sessions as per above. 

I have not received my online voucher.

First, please check your junk mail folder as the email version may have been filed as Junk.

If it is not in your Junk Mail folder and has not been received within one hour of purchase, please email dutymanager[at]cinemanova.com.au with your name and booking number (if known), and you will receive a reply within business hours.

I have received my online voucher but I cannot see the barcode.

Please email vouchers@cinemanova.com.au with your name and booking number (if known), and you will receive a reply in business hours.

My gift voucher has been lost or stolen.

Physical gift vouchers should be treated as cash.  Nova accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen vouchers.

Privilege Membership

How do I purchase a Privilege membership?

Single membership is $13

Concession membership $13*

Memberships are valid for 12 months and can be purchased online HERE or at the Cinema Nova Box Office.

* Concession memberships are only available for purchase from the Cinema Nova Box Office. Applicants must have a concession card that is valid for 12 months.

I've lost my card OR My card has been stolen OR I need to change my card details

If your card has been lost or stolen, a new card can be arranged by visiting our Box Office.  Please note a $5 card replacement fee applies.

If you need to update your details, please email info@cinemanova.com.au Please include your full name and card number in the body of your email.

What are the benefits of a Privilege membership?

Save up to $7.00 a session!


  • $11.50 entry for you and a guest to opening day sessions (Thursdays) of every new film (excluding advance screenings and 3D sessions)
  • $16.50 admission for Saturday night sessions after 6pm ($18 for 3D)
  • Concession prices for film festivals, special events and opening night functions
  • $15.50 admission to all other sessions of any film ($12.50 Privilege Concession) 
  • Exclusive member screening invitations (email address necessary)

Membership is valid for 12 months, and is non-transferable. ID may be required when purchasing your Privilege rate tickets.

Replacement card fee $5.00

Single Membership $13

Concession Membership $13

Getting to Cinema Nova

How do I get to Nova using public transport?

By tram: 
Tram Routes: 3, 3a, 5, 6, 16, 64, 67, 72. 
Tram Stop #1: Melbourne University. 
Directions: Walk east from Melbourne University to Lygon Street (300 metres)

Tram Route: 1, 8. 
Tram Stop #112: Corner Elgin St/Lygon St 
Directions: Walk south/toward city along Lygon Street (100 metres)

By train: 
Melbourne Central Station (then a tram ride as per above)

By bus: 
The following buses stop at the corner of Lygon and Elgin Street, Carlton 
200, 201, 202, 203, 205, 207

Is there parking available?

Free 2 hour parking is available at Lygon Court. Simply present your Nova ticket when exiting. $3 hourly rate thereafter.

Alternately, there is non-discounted parking available in a parking garage located off Elgin street, near the corner of Elgin & Lygon streets behind Jimmy Watson's wine bar. Other paid parking is located behind the Clocktower complex, accessible from Drummond Street between Faraday and Grattan streets.

Metered street parking is plentiful. 

Film Ratings

How can I get more information on why a film has received a particular classification rating?

The best source of information about film classification is the Australian Government's classification website, which you can visit HERE. On the Australian Government's classification website you can get detailed information on what a film contains (EG: Language, Violence, Nudity) and the rated impact of those themes. 

What do they mean?



Tickets and Pricing

Do you have a discount day?

Monday is our discount day and it is the cheapest in Melbourne! Regular tickets are $7 for sessions before 4pm, $9 for sessions after 4pm and 3D tickets are $13 all day. Please note discounts do not apply on public holidays, actual or observed. 

Tickets can now be purchased online through the Cinema Nova website 7 days a week.

How much do tickets cost?

Adults (all sessions) $19.50

Adults 3D (all sessions) $21.00

Industry Concession (see list below) $16.50 (not available Saturday after 6pm, except AFI members)

Industry Concession 3D (see list below) $19.00

Students, Unemployed, Seniors $15.50 (Saturday nights $16.50)

Students, Unemployed, Seniors 3D $17.00 (Saturday nights $18.00)

Pensioners & Children $12.50 (Saturday nights $16.50)

Pensioners & Children 3D $14.00 (Saturday nights $18.00)

Privilege Card Members $15.50 (Saturday nights $16.50)

Privilege Card Members 3D $17.00 (Saturday nights $18.00)

Who is included in an industry concession?

Industry concessions are: 

  • 3CR radio
  • ADG (Australian Director’s Guild)
  • AFCA  (Australian Film Critics Association)
  • AFI (Australian Film Institute) / ACCTA
  • MEAA (Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance)
  • MIFF (Melbourne International Film Festival)
  • MQFF (Melb Queer Film Festival)
  • MTC (Melbourne Theatre Company)
  • Open Channel
  • PBS FM Radio
  • Triple R FM Radio (3RRR)

Concession prices for special events only applies to Students,Pensioners, Healthcare, Under 15 yrs and Privilege Card members.

Why do sessions end on Wednesdays?

Our cinema week runs from Thursday to Wednesday.  Session times are updated weekly, and published on the website for sale each Tuesday afternoon for upcoming cinema week.

Melbourne University Student & Staff discount Wednesday

What are the conditions?

Cinema Nova offers discounted tickets to Melbourne University Students and Staff upon presentation of a valid Student or Staff ID. Tickets prices are $7 before 4pm, $9 after. The discount applies to all standard feature film screenings but does not apply to special event sessions including New York Met Opera, National Theatre, Concert events, live events, film festivals, art on screen events and the like. Offer only available from the Cinema Nova Box Office.

Various Other FAQs

How can I find out if a film has subtitles?

All films screened at Cinema Nova that contain foreign languages will feature English subtitles unless the film's director has elected not to use them for the purposes of storytelling. To discover which foreign language is spoken in a film, and to confirm that English subtitles are featured, check a film's individual page on this site. This information will be located after a film's synopsis. 

How do I screen my film at Cinema Nova?

Nova offers cinemas for hire.  You can download our Private Cinema Hire Booking Form for more information.

How do you decide what films to screen?

Cinema Nova is dedicated to bringing you the most interesting variety of quality cinema from across the world. We are renown for supporting local films, screening exclusive releases and exhibiting the very best films produced by studios and independent alike. We watch virtually every film we screen at Cinema Nova to ensure that we are proud to present it to you. While all cinema is subjective, we're confident that you'll always find something interesting, challenging and well regarded to see at Cinema Nova. 

When does the Box Office open?

The Cinema Nova box office opens 15 minutes prior to the first advertised session, excluding ANZAC Day when it opens 5 minutes prior to the first session. Tickets can be purchased online 24 hours a day.

Why do the lights come up at the end of a film before the credits end?

Cinema Nova is concerned for the safety of all of its patrons. To ensure that audiences can exit the cinema at the end of the feature with ease, house lights will come up as the credits roll. While we understand that true cinephiles may wish to watch the credits without interruption, house lights ensure those who are unconcerned with who was the Key Grip are able to exit easily (probably causing less interruption for cinephiles than had the house lights not been brought up). 

Why is there a bird perched over the comments box in the foyer?

Hand crafted by a renown local artist, our cormorant is both loved and loathed by customers. In fact, "pro" and "con" notes about the cormorant are the most common comments found in the feedback box. Makes you wonder whether people would even notice there is the option to provide feedback were there no cormorant at all!