Monster Fest 2020

MONSTER FEST 2020: Welcome to the Apocalypse! December 3 - 10. 

A celebration of the latest and greatest genre cinema from around the world including Melbourne premieres, international film festival favourites and challenging new discoveries with a special emphasis on supporting emerging Australian genre film talent.  5-FILM PASS - $75

VIP Passes - $220

The VIP Pass is valid for 15 sessions including Opening and Closing Night. It cannot be used for multiple tickets to the same session. 

How To Use Your Pass:
 When you purchase a pass you will receive a barcode number which shows up on your booking receipt. This number can be used online or in person to book sessions in advance or during the festival. If for any reason you do not receive a number/barcode, please contact (03) 9347 5331.

Online Redemption
 To use this code online, select the sessions you wish to attend as though buying tickets, and it will give you the option of entering the redemption code.

Box Office Redemption
 Present barcode at the box office and let staff know which sessions you want to attend.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Passes do not allow you to book multiple tickets for a single session or for sessions that run concurrently as they are issued for use by single customers only. Valid at Cinema Nova only. Only valid for Monster Fest sessions. This voucher must be taken as offered and is not exchangeable, for sale, transferable or redeemable for cash.


Please note, this festival is for 18 years +

After her boyfriend is murdered by the gangsters whose diamonds he stole, a girl (Barri Murphy,) is protected by ... more

Set in 1999, Mandy (Angela Bettis), a nurse at a hospital in Arkansas, is a drug addict and an abettor ... more

MF: Vicious Fun

Opening Date: Saturday, 5 Dec 2020

Joel, a caustic 1980s film critic for a national horror magazine, finds himself unwittingly trapped in a self-help group for ... more

MF: Occupation: Rainfall

Opening Date: Saturday, 5 Dec 2020

Two years into an intergalactic invasion of earth, survivors are fighting back in a desperate ground war. As casualties mount ... more

MF: Psycho Goreman

Opening Date: Saturday, 5 Dec 2020

Siblings Mimi and Luke unwittingly resurrect an ancient alien overlord. Using a magical amulet, they force the monster to obey ... more

MF: Anthology Afternoon Extravaganza

Opening Date: Sunday, 6 Dec 2020

Join us for the 2020 Monster Fest Special Event 'Anthology Afternoon Extravaganza’ where you catch the Australian Premiere of TALES ... more

MF: Trasharama

Opening Date: Sunday, 6 Dec 2020

... more

MF: #Shakespearesshitstorm

Opening Date: Sunday, 6 Dec 2020

The Opioid Epidemic is destroying America. Legendary director Lloyd Kaufman celebrates his 50th year making movies, by taking on Big ... more

MF: Shorts Program 1

Opening Date: Monday, 7 Dec 2020

Monster Fest's Shorts Program #1. The 2020 Shorts Program is comprised of the finest and freshest genre short films from ... more

MF: Shorts Program 2

Opening Date: Monday, 7 Dec 2020

Monster Fest's Shorts Program #2. Like the 2020 Shorts Program 1, Program 2: Electric Boogaloo is comprised of the finest ... more

MF: Synchronic

Opening Date: Tuesday, 8 Dec 2020

Two New Orleans paramedics' lives are ripped apart after they encounter a series of horrific deaths linked to a designer ... more

Dec 8th, 2020

MF: Hunted

Opening Date: Tuesday, 8 Dec 2020

Eve meets who she thinks is a charming guy in a bar - but things go terribly wrong and she ... more

Dec 8th, 2020

MF: Dark and the Wicked, The

Opening Date: Wednesday, 9 Dec 2020

On a secluded farm, a man is slowly dying. Bedridden and fighting through his final breaths, his wife is slowly ... more

MF: Breeder

Opening Date: Wednesday, 9 Dec 2020

A ruthless businesswoman is abducting young women as part of a gruesome bio-hacking experiment to reverse the aging process. When ... more

MF: Closing Night Christmassacre

Opening Date: Thursday, 10 Dec 2020

Slip on your flame-thrower, down that bottle of J&B and grab your long handled axe, as Christmas has come to ... more

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