Thrilling audiences from the Toronto Film Festival to Fantastic Fest, go on a multiple horse-power ride with this Australian made debut feature focusing on a turf war brewing between rival motorcycle gangs.

Paddo (Ryan Corr) has been the glue holding together the Copperheads Motorcycle Club while the gang’s president Knuck (Matt Nable, who also wrote the screenplay) serves time in prison. Not only that, Paddo has significantly increased the club’s lucrative money laundering racket. But trouble is on the horizon when Knuck is released and resents his protégé’s success, and when a blunder by Paddo’s brother attracts negative attention from rival bikie gang leader Sugar (Aaron Pedersen), the scene is set for gang warfare both within and without.

Taking his cues from Shakespeare, director Stephen McCallum orchestrates a who’s who of local talent, crowned with a powerhouse performance from rising star Abbey Lee as Paddo’s ambitious and scheming girlfriend Katrina, who is not about to let her man be swept aside by Knuck’s machinations.

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Rating MA15+
Genre Crime
Running Time 92
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