Apollo 11

Half a century in the making and a massive achievement in film restoration, APOLLO 11 centres on one of the best known triumphs of man: the 1969 mission to the moon. Todd Douglas Miller’s (Dinosaur 13) documentary consists of archival footage of the time of the landing, some that has never been seen before.

Crafted from old yet pristine 65mm film footage and sans interviews or narration, Miller’s film is the result of mining a recently discovered cache of video footage and more than 11,000 hours of audio recordings from the annals of NASA, and the audience is immediately immersed fifty years into the past – into a time which was indeed a very big step forward for the world.

Witness Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and the Mission Control team, and those waiting at home, as we echo the millions of spectators who watched along in 1969 – except this time, it’s close-up, hyper-detailed and in higher definition. Miller has created a vignette of a time when everything was changing; a vividly coloured, 360 degree look at a world coming together to witness its own progression.

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Rating G
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Running Time 93
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