Barry Jones in Search of Lost Time - A Film Story

A filmic reverie about an extraordinary Australian – politician, polymath, public intellectual – who became a household name and remains a one-out-of-the-box national living treasure.

Nearing 85, Barry Jones is as contemporary, relevant and futuristic as ever. But in this film he uses the lens of film itself to focus on childhood, adolescence and early adulthood, training his camera eye on the shaping forces of his character and the key turning points of his life. An eager filmgoer from the age of five, movies moulded his early outlook. “I could list more than 50 memorable films that I saw in quite a short period as a child” he says. “My emotions, understanding, processes, characterisation and visual imagery, including recognising places, taking me out of familiar and the immediate, were largely shaped by film.”

Co-Starring with Barry Jones is film itself as a major influence on Barry’s life. Film watermarks and time stamps his formative years, progresses his story, reenacts his character and the characters of his world, maps his social milieu, depicts events, sculpts his emotional landscape and parodies some of his predicaments. And Barry as film critic and cultural commentator is never too far away either.

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Rating PG
Genre Documentary
Running Time 123
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