Book Week

Nova Exclusive! Everyone has had a teacher that has inspired them – and equally everyone has had a teacher who seemed to want to be anywhere other than at the front of a classroom. Sydney writer/director Heath Davis presents a devious comedy of a disgraced writer trying to rebuild their career while suffering the indignities of trying to teach teenagers.

Nicholas Cutler (Alan Dukes) was once the enfant terrible of the literary world. Now he’s trying to deflect students’ attention away from their iPhones and get them reading actual books. Outraged that all the kids these days are interested in is cheap shlock, Nicholas writes a pulpy zombie novel – and to his surprise publishers are interested. But what should be a redemptive time of triumph for Mr Cutler is threatened by the most chaotic event in every school year: Book Week.

Based on Davis’ own experiences as a teacher, and filmed in the gorgeous Blue Mountains, BOOK WEEK is a wry and biting comedy with a sense of community at its heart.

Legend Deluxe: In-Cinema dining session.
Event: Special event screening, complimentary & discount tickets do not apply
CC & AD: Closed captions or audio description available for individual use for this session, captions DO NOT appear on-screen.

Session times for the new cinema week, commencing each Thursday, will be released the Tuesday afternoon prior

Rating M
Genre Comedy
Running Time 101
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