Fantastic Woman, A

OSCAR WINNER! Best Foreign Language Film.

A star is born with an incendiary performance from Daniela Vega as Marina, the titular fantastic woman, in the latest film from Chilean director Sebastián Lelio (Gloria).

Marina is a waitress by day and a singer by night, and is adored by her older lover Orlando; their relationship is a deep and passionate one, and they enjoy planning their future together. But tragedy strikes when Orlando suddenly passes away, and when his extended family arrive they unceremoniously exclude Marina from all proceedings, refusing to acknowledge her place in Orlando’s life for one reason only: she is transgender.

Winner of the Berlinale’s Teddy Award for best LGBT film, A FANTASTIC WOMAN is a portrait of a complex woman of indefatigable spirit and untold bravery, who within the deepest of grief and in the face of cruel prejudice steadfastly refuses to be anything but herself.

Spanish language, English subtitles

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Rating M
Genre Drama
Running Time 104
Language Spanish language, English
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