Have You Seen the Listers?

From documentarian Eddie Martin (All This Mayhem) comes a chronicle of the professional highs and the personal lows of Anthony Lister, Australia’s most renowned street artist.

Taking an extremely candid stance with Lister himself acting as narrator and his own harshest critic, the film traces the artist’s journey, starting in 80s and 90s Brisbane, where he was considered the scene’s leading street artist. His professional career was kickstarted by Brisbane City Council encouraging him to paint pieces around the city, and worldwide recognition soon followed. As Lister’s renown increased, he married his sweetheart Anika and had three children. But sudden fame and wealth along with a young family proved too much too fast for the artist; descending into drug addiction, Lister’s life reached rock bottom when his wife left with their children, and the same council that originally catapulted him to prominence took him to court for graffiti-related offences.

Intimate, raw and compellingly honest, HAVE YOU SEEN THE LISTERS? is a portrait of a loving but flawed man struggling to reconcile the complexities of art, fame, hype and the contradictions of the art world with the realities of love, fatherhood and family.

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Rating M
Genre Documentary
Running Time 90
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