I Am Mother

A thriller-sci-fi starring Hilary Swank and Rose Byrne, I AM MOTHER is directed by Aussie filmmaker Grant Sputore, and is a slick vehicle for an AI post-apocalyptic story that shows us a vision of a future that we aren’t a part of. Danish newcomer Clara Rugaard is Daughter, a teenage girl being raised by a robot (Byrne) post-end-of-the-world - Daughter is the first test tube baby of a new generation of humans. With no character names save Mother, Daughter, and Woman, I AM MOTHER sees Daughter’s insular existence being shattered by the arrival of Woman (Swank), challenging Daughter’s concept of the outside world and creating a rift between her and her robot mother. I AM MOTHER finds the dynamic of man vs machine torn asunder as Daughter starts to learn the concepts of humanity and trust.

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Event: Special event screening, complimentary & discount tickets do not apply
CC & AD: Closed captions or audio description available for individual use for this session, captions DO NOT appear on-screen.

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Commences Saturday, 13 Jul 2019
Rating CTC
Genre To Be Advised
Running Time 115
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