Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Boy

He is Australia’s most beloved rock star, but to truly know Jimmy Barnes and his work, you must understand the boy he once was.

Based on Barnes’ bestselling memoir, WORKING CLASS BOY charts his journey from his birth as James Dixon Swan, a kid from a hardscrabble family in Glasgow, to migrating to North Adelaide, and growing up in the midst of domestic violence, poverty and abuse. Music offered Jimmy an alluring path of escape from this grim reality, but the wild excesses of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle allowed for him to develop some new demons of his own, primarily alcoholism. And when you have a memory filled with childhood ghosts already, destructive ways to escape them only exacerbates the pain.

Breathtakingly honest, WORKING CLASS BOY is a raw, compassionate, and sometimes darkly funny portrait of an icon reckoning with his past.

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