Man Who Invented Christmas, The

Christmas just wasn’t Christmas as we know it until a certain Charles Dickens created a little story called A Christmas Carol. THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS tells the tale of how Dickens revived Yuletide festivities with his novel that was miraculous in more ways than one.

Facing the pressure of his publishers and looming debt, the writer Dickens (Dan Stevens) is struggling to come up with a new story. With the threat of career ruin hanging over him and his family, Dickens is on the verge of giving up when into his mind and study scowls the perfect Christmas creation: the miserly, grim, not at all jolly Mr Ebenezer Scrooge (Christopher Plummer). Soon a tale is spilling out of Dickens that would change people’s perception of Christmas forever. Say it with us now: Bah humbug!

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Rating PG
Genre Comedy
Running Time 104
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