Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake

The convention-shattering production that replaced the female corps with the brunt physical power of a male cohort instead returns in a new imagining of Matthew Bourne’s piece-de-resistance - SWAN LAKE. First staged in 1995, Bourne is back with a re-interpreted version of his ballet: new cast, new stage and new lighting design complete a fresh face on a beloved (but still subverted) version of the traditional Swan Lake ballet. Filmed live at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London and turning the timeless pattern of fragile swan ballerinas on its head, Bourne’s SWAN LAKE transforms Tchaikovsky’s love story into one of unconventionality, passion and a showcase of the athleticism of male dancers.

Legend Deluxe: In-Cinema dining session.
Event: Special event screening, complimentary & discount tickets do not apply
CC & AD: Closed captions or audio description available for individual use for this session, captions DO NOT appear on-screen.

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Rating E
Genre To Be Advised
Running Time 130
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