MDFF: Docs After Dark Program 1 / Davi's Way

Director: Tom Donahue
Runtime: 1 hour 26 mins
Premiere Status: Australian Premiere
Previous Festivals: American Documentary Film Festival
In DAVI’S WAY, legendary actor/singer Robert Davi, is given one year to recreate Sinatra's fabled 'Main Event' concert in Madison Square Garden on Sinatra's 100th Birthday.

Plus short films:
Director: Mark Borchardt
Runtime: 17 mins
Premiere Status: Australian Premiere
Previous Festivals: Slamdance, Found Footage Film Festival

Mark Borchardt turns his camera on the UFO Daze gathering in Dundee, Wisconsin, where he finds an abundance of fascinating characters, a mystic landscape, and the paradox between empirical evidence and extraterrestrial longing. Featuring luminaries who claim to be in direct contact with the aliens themselves, this film offers an objective vantage point for its subjects to outlay their beliefs unhindered by censorious reasoning.

Director: Blake Johnston & Kelso Steinhoff
Runtime: 11 Mins
Premiere Status: Australian Premiere
Previous Festival: Hot Docs

Marco Kyris worked as Nicolas Cage’s stand-in for a decade on twenty films. In UNCAGED: A STAND IN STORY, Marco talks about his early life as an actor, his journey into the entourage of Nic Cage, and what it was like working in the shadow for one of Hollywood’s legends of cinema.

Director: Samuel Hutchinson
Runtime: 6 mins 35 seconds
Premiere Status: Melbourne Premiere
Previous Festivals: Revelations Film Festival

Nearing the end of an amazing life, inventor Duan Phillips has one last project he wishes to complete in memory of his deceased wife – a UFO shaped object, also known as The LAD.

Director: Jon King
Runtime: 10 mins 33 seconds
Premiere Status: Australian Premiere

In a remote part of Yorkshire, villagers gather for a bizarre, ancient ritual. BARTLE meets the men who lead this ritual, examines why they do it, and what it means to keep such a tradition alive.

Director: Noam Argov and Alex Pritz
Runtime: 13 mins
Premiere Status: Australian Premiere
Previous Festivals: DOC NYC

Emil is a social media-obsessed entrepreneur in one of the most remote places on earth: an abandoned Soviet mining village in the mountains of eastern Kyrgyzstan. Tracing his roots to the nomadic tribes that once roamed the area, Emil has returned to put his village of Jyrgalan back on the map by convincing wealthy tourists and famous bloggers to go there on vacation.

Director: Cat Mills
Runtime: 18 mins
Premiere Status: Australian Premiere

Who is Biker Bob? And why does a bottle full of his ashes keep washing up on the beaches of Vancouver Island?

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Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 162
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