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Street Kids
By Simon Mundine
Rakib and Jahangir are homeless orphans fending for themselves on the streets of Dhaka. We join them as they spruik bottled-water and boiled-eggs to commuters on the chaotic train system. Barely surviving, the boys share their tragic stories and lament their lack of opportunity. Restricted to persons aged 18+.

Painting My Canvas
By Mark Hellinger
Stephen Whittaker has endured more than most people. From time spent living on the street, in jail, and drug-affected it wasn’t until much later in his life did he find peace. “Painting My Canvas” profiles Stephen Whittaker and tells his story about resilience and how art helped him rediscover joy.

Ngumpin Kartiya
by Ben McFadyen
Newly released Indigenous short film tells untold stories of the Wave Hill Walk-off and the Gurindji people while also revealing the true significance of the iconic song From Little Things Big Things Grow.
NGUMPIN KARTIYA - Untold Stories of the Gurindji and the Wave Hill Walk-off is a film produced by the Gurindji Aboriginal Corporation, Freedom Day Festival and These Wild Eyes. Released on August 23, this 17-minute documentary film looks at a proud and sometimes difficult past, and also celebrates a bright and better future.
The Gurindji story, immortalised in the Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody classic From Little Things Big Things Grow, is known by many Australians – but often only vaguely. This film sheds light on the pivotal historical events that led to Aboriginal Land Rights and forever changed our nation and the plight of Indigenous people to reclaim their land. And it does so by revisiting the Gurindji community all these years later to hear from the descendants of Vincent Lingiari and those who took a brave stand against power and privilege some 54 years ago.

Aboriginal Warrior
By Gary Hamaguchi
Chris Collard grew up in a home without love. He thought the world hated him, so he hated it back. Going in and out of juvenile detention, and eventually turning eighteen behind bars, Chris decided to turn his life around. Realising he was repeating the detrimental cycles of those around him, he moved away from his family and friends to pursue kick boxing. Within five years he was a Kickboxing World Champion. Taking control of his future, Chris is now a loving father and husband who passes on the principles of Kickboxing to help youth learn anger management and self-respect

Eternal Flame
By Derek Ho
Teachers are often compared to a candle. There is an old Chinese saying that teachers set themselves on fire in order to illuminate others. Our protagonist in this story, Professor Zhang, disagrees.
Eternal Flame is a love story not only captures Professor Zhang's selflessness, passion and commitment to his students in a career spanning over 60 years, it also captures the same unwavering devotion he has for his wife

By Gavin Bond
Buff is a quirky, passionate and affectionate look at the magic of cinema and is a Perth based profile of film buffs, film critics and enthusiasts. The film not only explores the world of film fandom but is informative, poignant, entertaining and humorous. Buff consists of a series of candid interviews with an eclectic range of Australian film enthusiasts asking them about ttheir passion for cinema, their favourite films of all time, favourite all-time scenes and dialogue.
This short form documentary not only examines the phenomena of film fandom but is also a personal profile of the various subjects and the reasons for their attraction and devotion to film

Until We Touch
By Charlotte Mungomery
A short poem like documentary. Through windows we watch the polyphonic narrative of twelve mothers in lockdown who read letters from their adult children who are overseas, interstate or are quarantined in the same city.

Living on the Line
By Sara Ehrlich
Follows the journey of Anna, Kat and a group of inspiring women as they take part in one of Australia’s first big ‘all women’ highline gatherings. We witness their struggles as they confront and conquer their fears in high winds, pushing themselves to the limit. The film gives an insight into the unique world of highlining – exploring the close Sydney community, physical and psychological components and misconceptions of the sport. It delves into how the world of outdoor adventure sport has transformed for women over the years and the deeper and more personal motivations for chasing this adventurous ‘life on the line’.

By Daen Sansbury-Smith
Uncle Kutcha Edwards invites Daen, an artist and film maker to explore the inspirations of his original song 'Roll'n'. The pair spend time in the studio and travel to significant places as they learn more about each other

Te Wao Nui
By Ngāriki Ngatae
Kauri are dying. A traditional Māori healer has one last chance to save an entire forest, one tree at a time. A devastating disease threatens to destroy Aotearoa’s last remaining Kauri trees. Standing in the way of losing these prehistoric giants forever is a Māori healer. Tohe Ashby is looking for answers held within the ancient knowledge of the first nations of Aotearoa – mātauranga Māori. Discover the roots of indigenous medicine in a final bid to save the last of these great trees.

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