MDFF: Short Session 4

Ngatanwarr An Open Door
By Mitchell Withers
Ngatawanwaar translates to welcome in Peek Whurrong. Set in South West Victoria, the film serves as a welcome to non indigenous Australians to learn more about the lands on which they live, to be proactive and curious about the past. To talk about our true history and embrace aboriginal culture.

Brothers in Arms
By Guillym Davenport
Two brothers are brought closer together by battling the same demons in this short documentary.

Harbour Lights
By Jary Nemo
In Melbourne Australia at the turn of the 20th century a pioneering network of women at the Mission to Seafarers supported sailors who risked their lives at sea. The documentary ‘Harbour Lights’ tells the remarkable story of the Ladies Harbour Lights Guild and the lives of seafarers at a time when the maritime industry was the lifeblood of global connection. It focusses on Melbourne’s iconic Mission to Seafarers building, its connection to the First World War and to a unique community of ships crew and volunteers

On the Road
By Arctic Qu
As COVID-19 broke out in early 2020, Melbourne University's international student Cathy Yang was forced to embark on a long journey through Cambodia in order to return to her study in Australia. She is one of over 100,000 Chinese international affected by the Australian government's China travel ban policy. Wandering among the ancient temple ruins of Angkor Wat, she tells her story. Visions of history, the pandemic world and present time intertwine with each other. The metaphor of travel as life brings a message of the human condition, and our universal connection.

Eden Canoes
By David Longden
Six Indigenous youth, build three boats, in two weeks.

My Two Lives
By Sarita Gold
Lotte Weiss is a Holocaust survivor. She has never forgotten the horrors of her three years of internment at Auschwitz and Birkenau. Yet it is her immense life force that propelled her through the torture and devastation enveloping her. Her inherent integrity and morality remained steadfast. It was her capacity for goodness, kindness, forgiveness and love which never faltered throughout the misery and beatings she endured, to give her the strength and the will for survival. This is her story interpreted by artist Thea.

An Undeniable Voice
By Price Arana
More than 1.5 million children perished during the Holocaust. Most of the estimated 130,000 who survived were girls. The majority of boys, their faith revealed by the evidence of circumcision, were not saved. Sam Harris is believed to be one of the youngest who made it out alive. Philanthropist and activist Sharon Stone invited Sam to share his story.

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Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 100
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