MDFF: Short Session 5

Holy Duty
By Sarah Marcuson
If there is one topic most people are afraid to confront, it is that of death. Many of us, if not most, spend our lives avoiding talking about death. Certainly, not many of us willingly welcome death into our lives. Yet, there is always an exception to the rule - and that exception is the "Chevra Kadisha", or "Sacred Society". This group of Jewish volunteers do not just briefly confront death - but spend years of their life preparing, sanctifying, and burying Jewish bodies. What would bring someone to face death head-on? And ultimately - what does it do to a person?

Inner Portraits
By Christian Berzi
A profile of photographic artist R J Poole, who formerly served in the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SAS)

{Perspectives} : Jon Julio
By Dom West
Looks at the rich history of the Australian skating scene through the eyes of Jon Julio, the sport’s longest standing professional athlete and most respected industry leader. Through his connection to the Australian scene in the early 90s, Jon sheds light on the country's unique influence during the sport's founding years and the importance of the leaders from skating's past in 2019.

The Art In Healing
By Stella Grammenos-Dimadis
The Art in Healing is a documentary by award winning director, writer and producer, Stella Grammenos-Dimadis. The film explores the role that creativity and art plays in people’s lives, particularly when personal trauma occurs or when people are afflicted by natural disasters.

Rat Tail
By Chad Sogas
Explores director Chad Sogas’ battle with depression in this short autobiographical documentary. What begins as a comedic story about the rat tail he had for nearly ten years (that his parents still keep in the storage room of their basement) transcends into a journey of unexpected self-discovery and healing. RAT TAIL World Premiered at the Hot Docs International Film Festival May 2021.

Hags (Have a Good Summer)
By Sean Wang
I don’t know how I feel about adulthood, so I called my middle school friends

Memory Lanes
By Brian Gersten
A short, slightly personal, slightly experimental, archival documentary about the history of bowling in America (or perhaps the history of America in bowling). The film interweaves our established perception of this innocuous all-American game with the pervasiveness of cultural racism, sexism, and violence by showcasing nearly 100 years of archival bowling footage from newsreels, instructional films, commercials, home movies, and mainstream films & television.
Tuesday, 14th September

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Commences Tuesday, 14 Sep 2021
Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 99
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