MDFF: Sunday Shorts 2

Inspired by the suburb of Prahran in Melbourne Australia, this experimental film explores feelings of isolation, loneliness, hopelessness, grief and nihilism. Shot on Super 8MM, the piece evokes sentiments of an intimate 'home movie' while detailing the private anxieties of the human condition. Or in this case... the non-human condition. The film aims to artistically bridge the gap between people needing help and knowing where to get it - inspiring those in adverse times to reach out & speak up.

AUSTRALIAN MONGREL - Directed by Rocco Fazzari & Belinda Lopez.
Passengers on the Sydney Rail Network are asked "How did you get here?"

THE REDBEARD BAKER – Directed by Maxwell Thomas.
Lise Ramsden, the head baker at the Historic RedBeard Bakery in Trentham, talks about the love she has for her work and the inspiration she received from her teacher, John Reid, the owner of the bakery.

NINE YEARS – Directed by Neil O'Shea Carre.
Hossein Latifi, a 33-year-old Iranian man, reflects on his time spent in detention (including at the Park Hotel Melbourne detention centre) and grapples with the uncertainty of his temporary visa while trying to establish himself in his new life in Australia.

GOODGOD SMALL CLUB – Directed by Aidan Keogh.
GOODGOD SMALL CLUB has been described as a cultural hub in Sydney. It fostered artists, collectives, and local businesses. This film is a short look at its impact on 2 individuals who worked and partied there. Noica Omero who went from bar back to venue manager and Vic Edirisinghe who was a regular at Goodgods parties and who has made a career working in the Music Industry. Featuring performance footage from Client Liaison, Big Freedia, Jamie XX, Diplo, Zanzibar Chanel and more.

EVERY LINE – Directed by Mitchell Withers.
Chasing peace and self-acceptance, reclusive Betty is forced to confront her troubled past on the 26th anniversary of a fatal car accident. EVERY LINE is an intimate portrait of hope and renewal in the face of complex trauma.
Trapped in her head and fearing going out the front gate, Betty’s days are spent alone with the wallabies and chickens she now calls friends. Wanting more from life, she defiantly embarks on a supported arts practice, purging her suffering onto the page one line at a time. When multiple works are celebrated in an exhibition, she must go out into the world and risk it all.
EVERY LINE explores the healing power of community, the profound wisdom forged through survival and the true meaning of resilience.

BIRDER – Directed by Angela Heathcote.
When Paralympian Richard Cordukes took up birding 30 years ago, he was instantly hooked. Since then, he’s travelled Australia in search of beautiful birds. But, as a person with a disability he’s come up against his fair share of challenges. Richard is an advocate for accessibility in national parks and thinks there’s more we can do to ensure everyone can enjoy the outdoors and birding.

INK TRAIN – Directed by Olly Sindle.
Train passengers open up about their lives through the lens of their tattoos. Since Covid, the world has re-defined the nature of work and commuting. Ink train re-imagines the daily train commute as an exploration of the shared human connections that are always present, but often left undiscovered in such environments.

BALLOON BOY – Directed by Brian Gersten & Arlin Golden.
In October of 2009 the world watched in horror as an experimental helium balloon darted across the skies of Colorado with 6-year-old Falcon Heene apparently trapped inside. Every major television news channel in the country stopped what they were doing and followed the aimless balloon flying through the air for close to three hours. When the balloon finally landed it was revealed that Falcon was nowhere to be found...his parents had made up the whole story in an attempt to land a reality television show contract. It was all a deliberate and disturbing hoax, which the media and their millions of viewers around the globe fell for. BALLOON BOY is a short archival documentary that revisits this infamous "fake news" event and examines the power and influence of mass media on modern society, especially when the content in question is thought to be real but is instead completely fictitious.

THE MIAMI VICE INCIDENT – Directed by Tim Kirk.
THE MIAMI VICE INCIDENT explores a 35-year rift in a family caused by an episode of Miami Vice.

RETRO GAMERS – Directed by Michael Naim.
Retro hardware enthusiast Cameron Bonde explores the community and culture of retro video gaming.
Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 130
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