MDFF: Sunday Shorts 3

SINEANG – Directed by Claudine Ocampo.
Education is a rarity for girls in rural Cambodia where SINEANG Seab, the daughter of poor civil war survivors grew up. Despite her high academic and professional achievements, Sineang's defining journey is a triumph over self-doubt.

KAMPONG SPIRIT – Directed by Harry Scott.
In Singapore there are stilted fish farms dotted along the coast, called Kelongs. Once numbered more than 45, only four remain.
Following Kai and his kelong we see a millennial who gave up his cushy office job to hustle out in the open sea, we learn about the uphill battle to keep traditional fish farming alive - with one key idea at the core “bridging the gap between locals and local seafood”. Showcasing the challenges Kai faced upon entering an industry that is so often forgotten by locals. Sadly the number of kelongs is dropping as they are run mostly by the older generation, with little or no government support.

MORE THAN CUTE – Directed by Joshinder Chaggar.
A Seniors Bollywood dance class in Melbourne city, is the perfect intercultural setting, to discover new friendships and to unpack misconceptions about ageing. Through the lens of the traditional costume, stories are uncovered and shared. Simultaneously, underneath all the fun, colour and laughter, a miraculous healing is taking place on many different levels.

THE KIDS TURNED OUT FINE – Directed Ethan Wischer.
THE KIDS TURNED OUT FINE is a short Docufiction written and performed by graduates of Melbourne’s private boy's schools. It details their experiences of Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, and Toxic Masculinity through their own unique and creative lens.

LETTERS TO ANXIETY – Directed by Vinnie Petrilli.
The son of Australian Rules Football legend Neil Balme, William Balme, writes a series of letters to his anxiety, while trying to navigate through his demons and life as a young adolescent. The confronting documentary begins with a focus on William's struggle growing up in his father’s footsteps as a talented footballer, and the noise in his head that followed. A journey of one defeated human, that is sadly reflective of many others. Through William's raw and honest account, and the voices of other young men and women, LETTERS TO ANXIETY aims to encourage open conversations with mates and loved ones about mental health & wellbeing, both on and off the footy field.

WIRE IN HIS BLOOD – Directed Matt Deavin.
This story is about the Ltyentye Apurte born artist, David Wallace. From a young age David made 'bush toys' for himself and the children of his community. These were made from recycled materials such as fencing wire, scrap metal and copper from old motors. David's work provides a detailed record of his life and experiences working the land, station and community life throughout central Australia. His subjects are diverse, ranging from goannas, kangaroos, and eagles, to stockmen, rodeo riders and cameleers. This film details David's life and his ongoing struggle with kidney disease, which forces him to be on dialysis 3 x times a week. With the closest machine 120km away in Alice Springs, David is forced to be away from his family and his wire.

SURVIVORS OF WADJEMUP - Directed Glen Stasiuk.
WADJEMUP or Rottnest Island is sacred to Aboriginal people. For almost 100 years between 1838 and 1931 Wadjemup was a prison for at least 3,670 Aboriginal men and boys. More than 370 men never made it off the island and are now buried in unmarked graves on the island. They were fathers. They were sons. They were brothers. They were husbands. They were never to see their homelands and family again. Their spirits are part of this island…and for those that got off the island…their descendants now proudly tell their story…

BAREFOOT EMPRESS - Directed Vikas Khanna.
BAREFOOT EMPRESS is an Indo-American short documentary that depicts the life story of a woman in India who enrols in first grade at the age of 96.

CRY OF THE GLOSSY – Directed Tim Brown and Michale Portway.
Taking us on a journey through the forested hills of the NSW Southern Highlands (Australia), poet and Gunai woman, Kirli Saunders, reflects on the special place the endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo holds in her heart and culture.

A WAY OF SEEING – Directed Cameron Myers.
A short film following Victorian Artists Baden Croft and Liam Waldie on a two week exploratory trip around Tasmania, in the lead up to their exhibition A WAY OF SEEING.

FAST EDDIE - Directed Keely Meechan.
Seeking joy after his life-threatening diagnosis, a determined father attempts one last adventure with his daughter: an ambitious bike ride that will push them to physical and emotional limits. Four years ago, former cyclist and charismatic go-getter Eddie was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy, a terminal neurodegenerative disorder that has taken his voice, mobility and quality of life. Not ready to give in to the disease, Eddie and his daughter Keely prepare for their greatest adventure together: a gruelling bike ride around Central Otago’s Lake Dunstan trail.
Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 130
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