MDFF: Sunday Shorts 4

LITTLE FLUFFY CLOUDS – Directed by Isabella Napolitano.
LITTLE FLUFFY CLOUDS follows a group of young adults showing how their past life experiences influences their perceptions, shown through what they see in clouds.

Melbourne icon Frankie Lee retires from his toy importing business, and now, at 75 years of age, performs pop hits on the streets of Melbourne, to crowds of adoring fans. His sharp fashion sense and love for performing makes people stop and take note, as Frankie builds bigger crowds throughout the night.

WALKING GENTLY ON THE EARTH – Directed by Guido Pezz.
WALKING GENTLY ON THE EARTH tells the story of Annie Smithers; a chef based in Lyonville, Australia whose life is dedicated to having a positive impact on the environment by treading as lightly as possible on the ground beneath her feet.

MYRTEZA BLUE – Directed by Eren Besiroglu.
MYRTEZA BLUE is the intimate portrait of Australian landscape artist Graeme Myrteza — a once multi-generational farmer in rural Victoria, now recognized landscape artist. Myrteza reflects on the loss of his son Brett, the catalyst for his self-discovery of painting. Filmmaker Eren Besiroglu chronicles Myrteza through his meditations on artistic exploration, evoking Myrteza to ask the question: ‘Why did I start painting at 60?

URBAN KITCHEN – Directed by Prue Barrett.
Prue Barrett, a private chef in New York was kept awake at night by the disparity in the health of people living only a few blocks apart in New York City. Cooking for the world's wealthiest people, she had a rare insight into how the richest people in Manhattan ate and prioritised their health. She got to wondering, "was it even possible to eat well on a food stamp budget?" She convinced strangers to allow her into their homes to understand their medical, financial, health and life challenges and see if it was possible to live well on a food stamp budget. This is her first time directing and first documentary.

THROUGH THE FOG – Directed by Mark Hellinger.
A mother details her struggles with addiction.

SHADOW IN THE REEDS – Directed by Michael Bruce Portway & Tim Brown.
One of Australia's rarest and most mysterious birds is disappearing across the country. SHADOW IN THE REEDS captures the stories of the researchers, Traditional Owners, farmers, and community members who are working together to save the Australasian Bittern and restore its wetland habitat.

ACQUIRED, INVISIBLE – Directed by Jackson.
Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be invisible? What about if only part of you was invisible? Would that be better or worse? What about if you were disabled? Maybe you’d rather be invisible. But if you weren’t born disabled that’d be better, right? What if your disability was invisible? That would be the best thing. Would it? ACQUIRED, INVISIBLE.

DIAMONDS – Directed by Lauren Hunter.
Portrait of a family in transition. Salvatore and Maria are in their late 80s and the primary caregivers of their middle-aged, intellectually disabled children Luisa and Roberto. Due to recent health issues, they are struggling to maintain their parenting abilities and must figure out what’s going to happen to their children when they can no longer care for them. Luisa and Roberto’s sister, Vicky, is the driver of positive change in their lives, but this is met with resistance by Salvatore, who firmly believes it is his responsibility to care for his offspring for the rest of his life.

CRUMBLE – Directed by Jackson Hayat.
Glenn must reconcile with lost time after leaving his 20-year career as a Hollywood sound designer. CRUMBLE is a reflective story of nostalgia and self-affirmation. The documentary explores the life of Glenn Auchinachie, who in his early 20’s, left his family in Sydney to pursue his dream of working as a Hollywood sound designer. But at the peak of his success, Glenn is left overworked, unfulfilled, and in the depths of a depressive episode. Alone and hit by a mid-life crisis, Glenn makes the bold choice to leave what he thought was his lifelong career behind. 20 years later, Crumble explores Glenn’s emergence from depression, the trap of identifying solely with your profession, and asks, how do we reconcile with lost time?

REQUIEM FOR A WHALE – Directed by Ido Weisman.
An encounter with a whale’s corpse evokes the witnesses’ thoughts about the dialogue between death and life.

TESTIMONY – Directed by Alice Lolohea.
Forty-five years after his parents were wrongfully imprisoned for overstaying, a Tongan New Zealander finally admits the painful truth behind what really happened to his family during the Dawn Raids. Tongan-born Tesimoni Fuavao came to Aotearoa with his family in 1975 for medical treatment. On a day out with a friend, Tesimoni had an unexpected run-in with the police that led to the wrongful arrests of both of his parents. Now Tesimoni shares the story that saddled him and his family with decades of shame and regret and exposes the deep wounds his community suffered at the hands of New Zealand Police.
Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 148
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