MDFF The Great White Whale

MDFF Encore: Saturday August 3, 12.00pm

Deep in the wild Southern Ocean, halfway between Australia and Africa, a snowy volcano nine thousand feet high rears up from the sea like a Great White Whale. Five times it tried to kill the first team that tried to climb it. But back they sailed, through the worst seas in the world, to try again, this time with the legendary Bill Tilman as skipper.

This is the gripping tale of both expeditions, told by those that were there, one of whom sings the story too, as befits the epic saga that it was.

20m Q&A post-film (Saturday July 20).

Commences Saturday, 20 Jul 2024
Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 104
Show Times
Saturday, 20th July
Saturday, 3rd August

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