MF: In Search of Darkness

Following the screening, ticket holders are exclusively invited to participate in our MONSTER FES-TRIVIA and this year we're testing your '80s horror knowledge!

Compelling critical takes and insider tales of the Hollywood filmmaking experience drive ​IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS​, a four-plus-hour documentary that delivers a unique perspective on the decade that gave rise to some of the horror genre’s greatest films and franchises — told by experts and the icons who influenced the modern landscape of genre cinema.
Tracking major theatrical releases, obscure titles and straight-to-video gems, ​In Search of Darkness explores a multitude of ‘80s horror films in a year-by-year timeline alongside topics including groundbreaking practical effects; the home-video revolution; poster art and project marketing; creative and budgetary challenges; sound design and musical scores; the 3-D resurgence; heroes and villains; sex, nudity and “the final girl” controversy; and the pop-culture context of what fueled the genre and the ways it responded to the times.

Filled with countless clips and entertaining moments, ​IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS is a nostalgia trip through a game-changing decade that that made a generation of horror fans believe in the impossible. Featuring interviews with Tom Atkins, Doug Bradley, Joe Bob Briggs, Darcy the Mail Girl, Lori Cardille, John Carpenter, Nick Castle, Larry Cohen, Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Sean S. Cunningham, Joe Dante, Keith David, Katie Featherston, Mick Garris, Michael Gingold, Stuart Gordon, Andre Gower, Spencer Hickman, Kane Hodder, Tom Holland, Graham Humphreys, James A. Janisse, Lloyd Kaufman, Eric Kurland, Heather Langenkamp, Don Mancini, Harry Manfredini, Kelli Maroney, Robbi Morgan, Bill Moseley, Greg Nicotero, Phil Nobile Jr., Cassandra Peterson, Mike Redman, James Rolfe, Ken Sagoes, Ben Scrivens, Mark Shostrom, Corey Taylor, Cecil Trachenburg, Ryan Turek, Caroline Williams, Alex Winter, Heather Wixson, Tom Woodruff Jr. & Brian Yuzna.

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Rating E
Genre To Be Advised
Running Time 263
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