MF: Tammy and the T-Rex

Plus short film Crap-Man

Stewart Raffill's 1994 cult classic TAMMY AND THE T-REX is equal measures teen movie, creature-feature, mad scientist flick, screwball comedy and all out insane, now presented in its previously unreleased, uncut and gore-soaked glory for your discerning pleasure!

This post-JURASSIC jam stars the heavenly combo of Denise Richards (STARSHIP TROOPERS; WILD THINGS) and the late Paul Walker (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise; SHE’S ALL THAT) in an unprecedented mishmash of rom-com tropes and R-rated horror thrills. When Paul is mauled by the local zoo’s toothier residents, his love affair with Denise doesn’t cease — even after his brain is transplanted into an ancient animatronic predator.

Originally filmed as a crimson-soaked gorefest (with impressive splatter by the late SFX guru John Carl Buechler), TAMMY’s only minimal release back in the day was cut to PG-13, funneled straight-to-video and inexplicably marketed as a “kids’ film.” Now, thanks to Vinegar Syndrome's intrepid efforts, this gonzo gem is here to tickle both casual observers and longtime fans of dino-carnage.

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Rating E
Genre To Be Advised
Running Time 82
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