Nova Exclusive! Kelly Macdonald gives a marvellously nuanced and understated performance as a housewife who discovers she has an unusual talent: the ability to finish jigsaw puzzles in record time.

Agnes is a lonely, retiring soul who barely leaves the tight sphere of her family home with her husband and sons. When she is gifted a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, Agnes discovers that she can complete puzzles with almost terrifying speed. Emboldened by her new interest, she travels to New York City to buy more puzzles and meets Robert (Irrfan Khan, The Lunchbox), and is invited by him to compete in puzzle tournaments (yes, they’re a thing!).

A gentle, cosy tale of a timid woman experiencing independence for the first time, discovering hidden depths and beginning to see the pieces of her own life in a new light, PUZZLE is a refreshingly charming, low-key drama in a CGI-oversaturated world.

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Rating M
Genre Drama
Running Time 103
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