See You Up There

NOVA EXCLUSIVE! Winner of 5 César Awards including Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay, Albert Dupontel's lavish period thriller is a rich feast for the senses that must be seen to be believed.

Dupontel himself stars as Albert Maillard, an infantryman in the French army battling in the trenches in the last days of WWI. In a horrific turn of events, Albert and fellow soldier Édouard Péricourt (BPM’s Nahuel Pérez Biscayart) are almost buried alive in a mortar explosion, with Édouard gravely disfigured by injury. Returning to civilian life, Édouard crafts elaborate masks to conceal his ruined face and concocts a daring scam with Albert to support themselves in a society that wants to forget the broken, living ghosts of the war: taking advantage of the nation’s hero-worship of the dead by producing phony memorials to sell to French towns. But this is a scheme as dangerous as it is exquisite.

With fantastic performance and lush, spectacular thrills, SEE YOU UP THERE is bravura filmmaking that absolutely should not be missed.

French language, English subtitles.

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Rating MA15+
Genre Crime
Running Time 117
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