Simple Favour, A

A new dark turn from director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, Freaks & Geeks), A SIMPLE FAVOUR stars Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively in a twisty psychological thriller of secrets and revenge.

Stephanie (Kendrick) is a popular ‘mommy vlogger’ who, despite lovingly raising her son, longs for more friendships and excitement. Enter Emily (Lively), a stylish and sophisticated woman whose son is friends with Stephanie’s, and through a series of play dates the two women get to know each other over martinis and gossip. But as suddenly as Emily entered Stephanie’s life, she disappears without a trace and no one knows where she has gone - not even her handsome husband Sean (Henry Golding). Stephanie is determined to find out the truth, especially as just before she vanished, Emily told her a secret…

Reminiscent of the likes of Gone Girl, A SIMPLE FAVOUR is a fiendishly warped mystery that will keep you guessing and gasping until the final frame.

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Rating M
Genre To Be Advised
Running Time 117
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