Song Keepers, The

In the 19th century, German missionaries brought hymns to the Indigenous peoples of central Australia. In the 21st century, the women of The Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir will take the hymns back to Germany – sung in their own languages, and on their own terms.

West of Alice Springs, the region of Hermannsburg has a rich musical tradition of Lutheran baroque hymns and ancient Aboriginal songs and storytelling. Both of these song forms have been preserved and passed down the generations by the women of the area via their choir. Combining the hymns and their own languages of Arrarnta and Pitjantjatjara, the choir’s efforts to share their songs is given a boost by the arrival of a new choirmaster with an audacious plan to take the women on tour to Germany.

Director Naina Sen crafts an uplifting and nuanced documentary; a story of music, survival, identity and cross-cultural collaboration.

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Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 87
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