TFF: Run India


Followed by panel discussion.

An incredible story of courage and the human spirit, which follows international celebrity endurance athlete Samantha Gash (Australian Survivor) on her epic 3,200km purpose-fuelled adventure across India.

3,200kms of pain and suffering along the roads of India. The journey of Australian endurance athlete and passionate social advocate Samantha Gash is fraught with peril and hardship, as she runs from the sweltering heat of the Rajasthan desert in the West to the mountainous tea estates in the East.

Any personal suffering from the run is placed into perspective as Samantha has partnered with World Vision to explore the barriers that children in India face to accessing a quality education.

Through visiting over 18 communities that World Vision work with across the country, Samantha learns first-hand about the challenges they face, as well as sharing the stories of success that are providing hope for their future.

She encounters the diversity of India, which is both beautiful and challenging, as well as the complex social issues that prevent education.

It is this greater purpose and the privilege of meeting those along the way, that makes putting one foot in front of the other - the easiest thing to do.

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Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 44
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