Third Wife, The

Writer and director Ash Mayfair creates a stark look into the history of Vietnamese arranged marriages and female expectation in THE THIRD WIFE, her first full-length feature film. In rural Vietnam in the 19th century, May is one of many children entered into marriage. She becomes the third wife of a wealthy landowner, forced to suddenly grasp adulthood as she comes to terms with being expected to produce a male heir. What follows is an unyielding look at what life as a woman – and as a child bride – was at the time, coupled with entrancing aesthetic and cinematography. THE THIRD WIFE becomes a study of the complex subtleties of coming-of-age when one is forced to do so early, and of the societal shift in patriarchal customs of centuries past.

Vietnamese language with English subtitles.

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Rating MA15+
Genre To Be Advised
Running Time 96
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