20th ANNIVERSARY! Nicole Kidman stars in Oscar winner Jonathan Glazer's criminally underseen psychological drama BIRTH.

Ten years after the sudden passing of her first husband, Anna (Kidman) is engaged to Joseph (Danny Huston). With friends and family attending their engagement party, the event has an uninvited guest in a ten year old boy (Cameron Bright). Claiming to be the reincarnation of Anna's late husband Sean, he warns her not to marry Joseph before being ejected from her home. Not believing in reincarnation, Anna becomes intrigued by the child as he demonstrates a knowledge of her that is eerily familiar.

Glazer's follow-up to Sexy Beast is a moody drama that polarised critics and audiences in 2004, providing an overdue opportunity for re-evaluation in light of the filmmaker’s subsequent works (Under The Skin, The Zone Of Interest). Co-starring Lauren Bacall, Peter Stormare, Ted Levine and Anne Heche.

Commences Thursday, 22 Aug 2024
Rating MA15+
Genre Drama
Running Time 100
Show Times
Thursday, 22nd August
Friday, 23rd August
Saturday, 24th August
Wednesday, 28th August

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