MDFF Shorts Session 1

A group of high school students fight to return banned books to classroom shelves in central Texas.

THE FARM (Dir: Charlotte Newman, 14m)

Unable to achieve her dream amid the city’s rat race, Mildred Coursey led her loved ones East. Aided by communication with ‘The Upstairs’, the eventual creation of a community founded on spirit, love, and connection began. Kahunui Village was the answer for the founding group of Aucklanders, and many troubled, young New Zealanders. Youths addicted to drugs and alcohol, struggling with eating disorders, and those that were simply lost, would make the choice to make a change. It became, as it always was, the only way out.

The experience of Kahunui was a lived one, and it continues to breathe within the souls of Sandra Faye, Barry J. Bublitz, and Jamie Sullivan. A Co-Founder, a former resident turned Trust Director and a long-term local whose childhood intertwined with those at THE FARM.

THE FARM is a short documentary that recollects the Kahunui Village Trust’s strengths and weaknesses. Explored by a new generation, Mildred’s great-granddaughter, the purpose of THE FARM is to encourage new dreams pertaining to mental health treatments, resources, and awareness.

30 (STILL SINGLE) (Dir: Cathy Woods,18m)

30 (STILL SINGLE) is a short documentary that explores the loneliness that comes with being single as a millennial. Set over the course of the thirtieth year of filmmaker Cathy Woods' life. This intimate and raw film delves into what it is like to be thirty and single in a time when situationships are the norm, and the societal pressure to be in a relationship is evident.

WATCH ME FLY (Dir: Lily Drummond, 6m)

When Anu Francis faced discrimination that derailed her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian, she turned to sport to build back up her self-worth and find community. After diving into para-triathlon, Anu has emerged as a leading figure in the global para-sport community and has been selected to compete at the Paris Paralympic Games in 2024. But her journey to finding a career as an elite athlete raises a poignant question: Is becoming a Paralympian the default career for people with disabilities?

Through her new sporting career on a world stage, Anu challenges these ideas and advocates for a broader spectrum of opportunities for individuals with disabilities. WATCH ME FLY is a story of resilience and self-discovery and follows Anu as she navigates life with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Dystonia, while challenging society's views on disability

THE CAT CONUNDRUM (Dir: Emer Rafferty, 10m)

We claim to love them but humanity’s fascination with cats has reaped disastrous consequences. What is best for these elusive creatures, and how do we go about solving THE CAT CONUNDRUM?

HOW TO DRESS LIKE ME (Dir: Juanita Ebbs, Aaron Alvarez, 6m)

When customers leave 218 Gertrude Street, they’re not always the person they were when they walked in. Since 1979, Rose Chong Costumiers have been dealing in elaborate and vibrant maximalist attire for hire. In 40 years, it has established itself as an iconic and legendary Melbourne staple amongst the Inner-North’s queer scene. Rose and her staff oversee the transformation of their patrons for a vast array of events, and in doing so transform more than just their clients’ outfits. The community of Rose Chong Costumiers hold ideas of the body as a celebration, queer identity, and play, all over the course of the store’s opening hours. HOW TO DRESS LIKE ME is a 5-minute documentary that contends with the intersections of play, queerness, and clothes.

A FLY ON THE WALL (Dir: Abbie Ella Cadden, 8m)

A FLY ON THE WALL is an observational documentary, following the day to day life of an elderly woman, who lives by herself in the U.K. The documentary shows the aspects of a life no one truly knows or understands unless you have lived it yourself.

INTERNET FRIENDS (Dir: Natasha Brock, 15m)

The filmmaker and her friends reflect on finding connection and belonging through an online community as teenagers.

ABILITY (Dir: Faezeh Alavi, 11m)

People on a Melbourne street share their beliefs about how to prevent wars. Humorous and heartfelt, their responses show the diversity of opinion on this topic.

20m Q&A post-film.

Commences Saturday, 20 Jul 2024
Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 100
Show Times
Saturday, 20th July

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