MDFF Why Humans Dive

A captivating underwater exploration unfolds through the perspective of scuba divers, immersing viewers in the irresistible call that draws adventurers into the big blue. Discover the disciplines they master, the mesmerising and comical sea creatures they encounter, and the exclusive gateway that welcomes them into an entirely different world.

Short films to play before feature:                                                                                            

ABILITY (Dir: Faezeh Alavi, 11m)

People on a Melbourne street share their beliefs about how to prevent wars. Humorous and heartfelt, their responses show the diversity of opinion on this topic.

THE DRIVERS (Dir: Fraser Cameron, 15m)

We're often told not to talk to strangers. Don't open up too much or ask about anything serious. People don't have time. You don't know what might set them off. They don't want to share their personal lives with you. Better to ask about the weather, the football, if it's been a busy night. Keep it light and be on your way.

Commences Tuesday, 23 Jul 2024
Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 74
Show Times
Wednesday, 24th July

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