Motherless Brooklyn

Private detective Lionel Essrog (Edward Norton) is dealing with a lot: he’s unlucky in love, his friend Frank Minna (Bruce Willis) has just been killed, and he has undiagnosed Tourette’s Syndrome. Faced with an uncertain future, Lionel seeks to get to the bottom of who murdered Frank by using an uncanny ability to remember specific details as well as a determination to avenge the death of his old army buddy. Discovering a vast conspiracy that extends to every corner of New York City, Lionel meets an independent and tenacious young woman (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) who may just be the key to solving the entire mystery. Adapted from Jonathan Lethem’s novel, Norton returns to the director’s chair for an intriguing 1950s-set film noir infused with a seductive jazz score. Featuring an incredible cast including Alec Baldwin, Willem Dafoe, Leslie Mann, Bobby Cannavale, Cherry Jones and Michael Kenneth Williams, Norton’s epic crime drama evokes cinema-classic Chinatown and returns us to a time when the promise of the future was greater than the individuals who might stand in its way.

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Rating M
Genre Thriller
Running Time 144
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