SFFF Daughter of the Sun

DAUGHTER OF THE SUN (Director: Ryan Ward)
12-year-old Hildie (Nyah Perkin, in a remarkable debut performance) struggles with life on the run, as she travels across the American midwest with her father Sonny (Ryan Ward), who has Tourette Syndrome. Wanting nothing more than a normal family life, she befriends a community of outcasts in the remote countryside, who soon reveal more sinister motives - they want to harness the volatile supernatural power her father is hiding.

Screens with short film TIME TRAVELLING THROUGH TIME (Dir: Ryan Ward | 14 mins) A wannabe film director becomes embroiled in a battle against the laws of time and space when his attempts to recreate the iconic black and white, time travel film, La Jetée, spiral out of control.
Rating E
Genre Sci-Fi
Running Time 130
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