Palestinian Film Festival

The Palestinian Film Festival Australia is a social impact initiative dedicated to promoting Palestinian arts and culture in a multicultural Australian context. Please join us at this year's festival for a cinematic journey of unforgettable imagery and creative, thought-provoking storytelling. for further info please visit:

PFF: Wajib - The Wedding Invitation

Opening Date: Thursday, 4 Oct 2018

A father and his estranged son must come together to hand deliver his daughter's wedding invitations to each guest as ... more

PFF: Tower, The

Opening Date: Friday, 5 Oct 2018

An animated drama set within a Palestinian refugee camp, an old man decides to sacrifice his own life to ensure ... more

PFF: 1948: Creation & Catastrophe

Opening Date: Saturday, 6 Oct 2018

Through riveting and moving personal recollections of both Palestinians and Israelis, 1948: Creation and Catastrophe reveals the shocking events of ... more

PFF: Man Who Stole Banksy, The

Opening Date: Saturday, 6 Oct 2018

In 2007 Banksy goes to Palestine to paint on walls. Someone takes offense at a piece depicting an Israeli soldier ... more

PFF: Reports on Sarah and Saleem, The

Opening Date: Sunday, 7 Oct 2018

The affair of a married Palestinian man and a married Israeli woman in Jerusalem takes a dangerous political dimension when ... more

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