Shorts Session 4

Plus filmmaker Q&A

By Kristen Shorten
11 mins
The Boy in the Blue Cap: The Gerard Ross Story is a documentary series directed and produced by award-winning Australian journalist Kristin Shorten, forensically documenting one of Western Australia’s most enduring and heartbreaking mysteries.

By Nathan Richman
9 mins
The Discovery Series highlights the remarkable achievements that have been made in discovering new approaches to diagnosing and treating blood cancer, while acknowledging that there is still much to be done to defeat this enemy. This is the battle against blood cancer.

15 mins
Our first official Peter Mac animation reveals the invisible molecular world within our cells and how this finely tuned world can occasionally become disrupted, leading to cancer. Peter Mac is also showcased as a world leader in cancer research, treatment and diagnostics and allied health, always employing the latest available technologies. As such, Peter Mac is Australia's only hospital solely dedicated to the overarching theme of cancer.

A Thousand Words Unspoken
By Derek Ho
27 mins
A Thousand Words Unspoken is a personal story about brotherly love and betrayal. It unpacks the reunion of two brothers Derek & Jeremiah, who took radically different paths in coming to terms with their sexual identities as gay men. Filmmaker Derek journeys back to Singapore in an attempt to disclose to Jeremiah a secret that has been deeply buried for the last thirty years.

By Rendah Haj
15 mins
Rahma, a single mother of four, encourages her children to maintain a strong sense of family, faith and cultural identity as she navigates personal difficulties and disconnect.

By Ivy Staker
7 mins
Doomadgee women look beyond themselves, rekindling a sense of purpose by helping Papua New Guinea women in extreme poverty.

By Benno Thiel
8 mins
Explores the effort to regrow and revitalize colonial farming land on the coast of South Australia. The documentary speaks with Indigenous Elders Uncle Buddy and Uncle Doug as they explain their connection with country, the significance of the regrowth and what it means for the future.

By Jamie Wilson
30 mins

Burgermen is a retrospective documentary that takes a look inside a iconic Melbourne hamburger shop and the men who started it all back in the 1950's.

By Paul Moran
15 mins
Born and bred Hobartians and best mates, Shaun and Zac, fulfil a lifelong dream to create their own cricket team, despite financial and social struggles to get it up and running. But once they got going, the pair struggled and fought, to motivate and keep their team of Aussie blokes in the game. Inspired and motivated by their opponents (mostly hailing from the Indian Subcontinent) proven commitment and passion to the game, Shaun and Zac reached out for their support. In stark contrast to the stereotypes that might normally depict Tasmania as a multicultural backwater, Shaun and Zac stood out as two young men open to change, embracing multiculturalism and completely unencumbered by any notions of racial differences, accepting all comers to their team as equals so long as they were committed to the team. To them it mattered not where you came from, the game was the focus and as well as a desire to overcome their struggles in a place where everyone was equal, and cricket proved to be the great leveller.
Rating E
Genre To Be Advised
Running Time 120
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