Dead Don't Die, The

Jim Jarmusch returns with THE DEAD DON’T DIE, his take on a zombie flick. The master of wry comedy and offbeat humour, Jarmusch has compiled an all-star cast to tell the story of Centreville, a sleepy small town which encounters a zombie plague when the dead begin rising out of their graves.

Adam Driver, Bill Murray and Chloë Sevigny play three cops trying their best to battle the undead, when the undead just keep growing. Tilda Swinton, Danny Glover, Steve Buscemi, Selena Gomez, Iggy Pop, RZA and Tom Waits are all along for the ride, too, in Jarmusch’s very Jarmusch-styled crack at the classic zombie genre. Bloody, self-aware and generally odd, THE DEAD DON’T DIE isn’t your average horror film.

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Rating MA15+
Genre Comedy
Running Time 104
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