(Date TBC)
Steve Coogan headlines a socially conscious black comedy of an ultra-rich ‘king of the high street’ fashion retailer (allegedly inspired by the creator of Top Shop) who has built his fortune on the backs of dodgy deals and low-paid workers, as he plans an elaborate sixtieth birthday party on the shores of Mykonos.

Throw in his tax-dodging luxury boat designing ex-wife (Isla Fisher), their spoilt reality-series starring children Asa Butterfield, Sophie Cookson), a wide-eyed official biographer (David Mitchell), a cocaine-fuelled lion and a bunch of celebrity party guests who may or may not be impersonators (Simon Cowell, Stephen Fry, Keith Richards?), and you have Michael Winterbottom’s funniest films in years.

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Rating CTC
Genre Comedy
Running Time 110
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