My Salinger Year

Based on the novel by Joanna Smith Rakoff, Margeret Qualley, Sigourney Weaver, Douglas Booth, Theodore Pellerin and Colm Feore star in a delightful workplace comedy directed by Phillippe Falardeau.

College graduate Joanna (Qualley) starts a new chapter of her life by moving in New York City and breaking up with her boyfrend. Getting a job at a respected yet idiosyncratic literary agency, Joanna becomes the personal assistant to the fastidious Margaret (Weaver). Charged with the responsibility of destroying all of the fanmail sent to the attention of the agency's star client J.D. Salinger, Joanna recognises a kinship between the author's fans and her own desire for literary success. When the author of Catcher In The Rye announces he wishes to release a new book, Joanna and the agency are sent into a spin by the reclusive Salinger, initiating a series of events that will change the workplace forever.

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Commences Thursday, 14 Jan 2021
Rating CTC
Genre Comedy
Running Time 101
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