Iranian Film Festival Australia

IFFA: Titi

Opening Date: Thursday, 8 Jul 2021

Iranian Film festival Opening Night Presentation: A hospitalized, critically ill physicist, working on a theory about black holes and the ... more

IFFA: Yalda

Opening Date: Friday, 9 Jul 2021

Iran, present day: Maryam accidentally kills her husband Nasser and is sentenced to death. The only person who can save ... more

IFFA: Sebaloo

Opening Date: Saturday, 10 Jul 2021

Telling the story of Mahmoud Bardaknia, who plays percussion instruments and lives in the south of Iran, Bushehr - his ... more

IFFA: Chicheka Lullaby

Opening Date: Saturday, 10 Jul 2021

A music and anthropological documentary, CHICHEKA LULLABY presents the life story of an influential musician from Iran’s south, Ebrahim Monsefi. ... more

IFFA: 3 Puffs

Opening Date: Saturday, 10 Jul 2021

Mojtaba and Nasim are a young couple who just had a baby. Residing in a poor area in the south ... more

IFFA: Careless Crime

Opening Date: Saturday, 10 Jul 2021

Forty years ago, during the uprising to overthrow the Shah's regime in Iran, protestors set fire to movie theatres as ... more

IFFA: Bandar Band

Opening Date: Sunday, 11 Jul 2021

A group of Iranian women decide to enter an unofficial singing competition in a coffee shop in Tehran. Pregnant Mahla, ... more

IFFA: Cinema City

Opening Date: Sunday, 11 Jul 2021

Davood is a cinema projectionist who loses his job at the onset of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Revolutionaries have ... more

IFFA: Drowning in Holy Water

Opening Date: Tuesday, 13 Jul 2021

Rona and Hamed are two young Afghans who are in love with each other. Searching for a better life, they ... more

IFFA: Truck, The

Opening Date: Wednesday, 14 Jul 2021

A Yazidi woman and her two children manage to escape from an ISIS massacre. Helped by a truck driver, they ... more

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